Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sara & Kane Valentines 2013

Meet Sara & Kane.

I met this beautiful pair for a Valentine's shoot Feb 2013. YES that is how disgustingly behind my blogging is :( 
But, let this also prove how much I value every session I have ever done. I can honestly tell you I remember each and every session since 2010. I have loved meeting so many amazing families, couples and gorgeous kiddies.  When you are as passionate about providing memories as I am it isn't hard really.

These guys were about to celebrate their first Wedding Anniversary also. 
So a valentines session was super fitting.
They were so young and in love it took me back to my own younger years of being happily devoted to your soul nothing else in the world mattered.

I still remember their giggles, their cuteness, their easiness....their overall love for each other and the joy as they planned a future together.

Thank you Sara & Kane for a memorable session.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blog catch ups instead of shooting :)

I am pretty certain I am the worst blogging photographer around. I never seem to have time to update this and share the stories behind some of my amazing sessions.  Which is pretty dumb considering I love reliving the moments whilst editing the images and then handing them over to the families.
So far I am about 6 months behind and I think over the next 6 months I have absolutely no excuse not to catch up.
So, whilst I am recovering from my spine surgery which took place about 5 weeks ago I am determined to go back through my diary and share all the gorgeous memories I had the pleasure of capturing.....well ONLY those who gave permission anyway :)

But before I got pulling those off my external drive tonight I will share these gorgeous girls who don't even let rain ruin the sparkle in the day.....and yes of course I am totally biased....yes these girls are my own :-)

And friends can I encourage you, the next time it rains go out and play. Skip, dance and sing. The girls and I had an absolute ball last summer. We got totally drenched and a little nippy. But we wouldn't swap those memories for anything!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Big Happy Family!

Let me introduce you to this sweet, very much in love couple

"Cecilia & Eddie"

their Grandsons

Their Grandsons parents,
 the Dads are their Sons....did that confuse you lol

How cool are Cecilia & Eddie!

They have as much energy as the boys. So full of life and so happy.

I really enjoyed working with these guys back on 19th January and could have spent all day just chatting and hanging out.

Thanks to Wendy for buying Cecilia the Mothers Day voucher for this session. 
It was lovely to see you & Neil, and the boys again and to meet the rest of Neils family.

Hope your memories Cecilia & Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meet the Grandparents!

On Friday the 16th January I got to catch up again with one of my regular families. I can't tell you how much I love hanging with the Gibbeson's. Always so genuine and down to earth, not to mention a barrel of laughs.
Huey & Lyra just keep getting cuter and cuter might I add.
This particular session was rather special as I got to meet Huey & Lyra's Grandparents all the way from the UK.
It was such a pleasure to capture some moments for the kids to look back on as they grow, and I know the Grandies will cherish these memories from afar.

Thanks guys for a great afternoon despite the heat and smell of bush fires. 
Enjoy your memories!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Introducing: Hannah

On the 10th January little Hannah and her lovely mum Melanie came to visit me in my home studio.
It was the first session for the year and I was also still very much in holiday mode. Melanie & Hannah arrived half hr early which didn't bother me in the slightest. I was just glad I was dressed this time!.
Some mornings here can be quite a challenge, especially in school holidays.  This gave Melanie and I a chance to chat whilst I set things up. We discovered we had mutual friends, spoke about parenting, sleep deprivation and so on. I was amazed this momma had 3 little ones all so young in age and was so awake and alert. I had to take my hat off to her.
I really enjoyed our session and chats Melanie. Thank you, and thank you for the privilege to photograph your Hannah. Thank you for trusting me with styling her session and in settling her etc.
Hannah was a dream. She was such a good little thing....even with the poo explosion of the century.
This image does not do Hannah's amazing efforts justice though.
As we were wrapping her session up and I was cuddling Hannah, I was thinking about one more sneaky shot, purely for my own selfish intentions, when Mum says 
"I am surprised she hasn't pooed everywhere yet" 
and in that exact moment,
 Hannah lets out a ripper poo explosion across the room!
I have been crapped on numerous times and some quite funny moments also, but I must say hers was definitely the most memorable. All I could do was laugh and laugh and was a golden crappy moment I will never forget. It goes down as one of my top 10 memorable sessions :)
And no....I never got that final shot lol!

But look at Hannah....
I would do it all again no questions asked.

Thanks again for a memorable session guys xx

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Proposal of Marriage

Catching up here for 2013 has been quite the challenge. With so much to get done in a day there just isn't enough time to get on here as regularly as I would like. 
Of course 2014 I plan to keep more up to date, and of course I said that last year, and the year before that too. All I can do is keep trying, because I can not just capture someones memories, hand them over and just leave it at that. Creating these memories for them, with them,  is half the journey for me and I love that the many wonderful families I get to meet have another place to go to and reflect back upon that day-time-moment.

All my sessions are memorable for me, but in 2013 two sessions/events especially stood out for me. It was such an honour to have beeen included. I have been wanting to share their stories with you for some time now but never via a rushed post.

Today.....I take you back to the 12th Ausguest 2013

Let me introduce you to David & Jo.

David contacted me about having a portrait session with his girlfriend Jo who at the time was out visiting from Wales. They had been in a long distance relationship for about 3 years now. David however had more than just a portrait session in mind. He wanted to use this opportunity to pop the question and have the moment captured forever.
We discussed ideas on how we could do this without Jo having any idea what we were initially working towards. David was pretty nervous and aside needing a plan of how he was going to do it, he needed a prompt to say hey....this is the moment....It would ensure we were both on the same page also.
David may have been nervous, but I was just as nervous too.
So much so that before confirming this session I asked was he sure she would say yes...yep I did lol.

I gave Dave a few ideas on how we could run with things and he chose the chalkboard prompt.
Basically we warm up to one another and wander around the grounds a bit of Nurragingy Reserve taking pics here and there. Jo would be totally unawares of what was coming, Dave would be building his confidence up and I was utilising the time to settle my nerves lol. 
I had pre warned David the location spot we'll end up in for where he can pop the question and I would lead him into this. I had my little chalkboard with me and the plan was to have Jo hold it with a word or message for Dave, who was standing further back in the shot.

Then it would be Daves turn.

It was about now both Dave and I were probably sweating bullets.....I was so excited for him and trying not to smile big was really hard. I was jittery and shaking at the moment that I was about to witness.
I never felt so honoured in all my life to be a part of something so personal and so beautiful. 
I was so nervous I even fell of the boardwalk lol.

Upon Dave turning around, getting on one knee and popping out this stunning little blue rock, Jo's few minutes of silence as she stood in shock felt like FOREVER. It felt so long in fact I was starting to panic she would say no.

She said yes....YES YES YES!

And then we all teared up.

Thank you so much David for asking me to be apart of this very personal and very special moment. It has become one of my top 10 moments in life.  Thank you Jo for saying yes LOL.
I absolutely loved working with you both. 
Jo, you are an amazing person who I felt like I had known for years already. I can't believe how well we connected before the proposal even. You reminded me so much of myself when I was young and in love.
Keep it spicy beautiful (personal joke)

I wish you both nothing but happiness and a future full of many many more memorable moments.

PS: Big Thank you to Davids sister Christie who introduced us after having worked with her family in the past.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014....Bring it on!

Lots of things are in the pipeline for this year. My surgery I am told is scheduled for June-July and so between now and then I am only taking on limited sessions so I can focus on my health and my family.
I am far from looking forward to the operation, but the few sessions I have between now and then certainly keep my mind off anything negative and keep me focused on a good outcome, so in time I can return to my love of Photography here.

The New Year has started off with some great sessions already and I look forward to sharing them with you in due time.